Kaftans and Dresses

Falll in love with a range of trendsetting, glamorous and contemporary kaftans which enhance and emphasize the female form. These garments in pure silks and chiffons are embellished with exclusive crystal work and embroidery.  


A range of handbags for women with both traditional and contemporary tastes. Rich embellishments, swarovski crystals, embroidery and gold thread work ornate leather and fibre, as well as fabrics such as raw silk, brocade, velvet and cotton, creating a range of bags which complements the elegance and style of garments in the range.  


An exclusive range of abayas, including the imported and unique Queen of Spades by Lamya Abedin (exclusive to Sina Rada in South Africa) and the stylish local Sina Rada Collection.      


Duvet covers, throws, cushion covers....coming soon!


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